3rd January 2017

A thought by Inkdrop (BK) for the Inkwell


Am I looking at the real thing here?

Really tasty treats, chemically constructed,

Taken by the artisan and transformed.

It looks like the real thing – and tastes like it, but

Fooled you would be – for there’s no real fruit in that cake

In fact, it’s fruits are mostly almond paste – marzipan

Combined with apple flavouring….

If you looked beyond the con – you would eat it all the same

As it sits in the centre of the dinner table

Looks, of course – are deceptive….

2 thoughts on “Artificial

    • Cheers for reading, Booktrekker…back from the Christmas festivities (albeit there’s three days to go here in blighty) and began another twelve months (hopefully) of readable scribbles. Feel free to take a ponder – theres lots to take a look at.

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