1st November 2016

By Brian F Kirkham

There’s a furry friend i’d like you to meet

Four paws, a tail, and two ears like a treat

He could be the twin of the next doors cat,

but in reality – he’s just a rat.

He enters the house of Mr Posh Paws

and is greeted by the family to much great applause

he’ll have meat and milk, and a nice tummy rub

before heading for the garden, and heads for the pub

And having arrived at the hostelerie

he’ll dine on some leftover sardines for an extra tea

but watching in corner – not posh – but another

in the corner with catfood – is Posh paws’ brother

He gives him a sniff – and then there’s a battle

as Big paws gets up and his collar does rattle

chasing the rat – out into the street

and the copy cat realises that he’s just been beat.

But who’s this now coming down the cobbles?

passing the imposter who’s started to hobble…

preened and new collar – its Mr Posh Paws!

who’s visiting his brother – to the pubs applause.

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