Tale of a Chameleon


By Brian F Kirkham

23rd August 2016


Young Fred he came home wi’ a lizard

he wanted the whole world to see

he showed it to his Mum and Dad

and talked about it wi’ glee!

Now his dad he brought the lizard

a new home of glass that stood by settee.

Wi atmosphere and temperature settings

to turn up and down by degree.

Now Fred, he grew awfully worried.

would he like it in th’ glass house?, he feared

And one day, his fears they were realised

when his pet lizard – a chameleon – disappeared.

And Mum and Dad they searched round the houses

and the garden wi very big tree

but chameleon he had changed colour

so the family could no longer see

But soon, the chameleon was hungry,

and appeared right in front of Fred’s eyes!

he’d wondered off you see – in search for some tea

and was eating some spiders and flies


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