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Pitch War

Salford 6th June 2016


I don’t know really whether or not the change of use of the building on the corner of my street is a blessing or a  curse.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against development – before the past owners of the building left – the department of work and pensions, it was an interesting sight seeing the local winged wildlife share room with those looking for work.

The building – sixties style with Victorian features – it served its purpose

but then they moved out – and for some strange reason somebody got a wild and crazy idea


So, those in the know spent two or three years drawing up plans.

Of course, whilst this was going on – the local winged wildlife started to occupy the roofspace….it became a crème-de-la-crème of nesting space

And then the builders moved in – and for those who haven’t heard BBC Radio comedy – it was like an early episode of “The Goons” – Namely “The Starlings”

Thing is – though the builders seem to have won – the starlings given their flying orders and the builders turning the old dole office into apartments for those on the nearby quayside…the winged army haven’t gone that far…some of them on sentry duty by nearby private housing across the way.


And as you can see they’re keeping watch….


4 thoughts on “Pitch War

  1. Starlings and Stewie doing air/land battles crack me up.. Those birds have no fear incessantly dive bombing any percieved predator, zipping back up out of reach in the nick of time.. They’ve even taken shots at me.. I’ve watched them tag team, air attacking large birds to keep them away..
    I laughed out loud at your last sentence, I’m thinking it’s an omen for the new tenants 😮

    • Cheers for Reading, Pan. Glad you like it. Plenty of stuff on the profile and if there’s owt you would like to see. drop me a comment on here and i’ll give your suggestion a go….

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