Ode to a Horse and Cart

Animals, Character, Life, Poetry

I remember as a child seeing the Rag and Bone man coming through the streets of Salford with his Horses and Cart, this ode is dedicated to them


When I look at your eyes, your tale sings out,

Cerebral thoughts move slowly through the cobbled streets.

Children listen to your song of Melancholy

as you tirelessly lag your Masters goods around

But Complain You ? for this noblest of the Ark?

No, you’ve done your bit, and made your mark

As your owner rides you and your cart through the rain

You move across ground, like an express train

And when trading’s over and night comes to pass

You’ll sleep outside caravan – enjoying long grass


#Napowrimo #Day24 #Caravan #Horse #Ragnbone #Trader #poetry

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