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Rochdale, 9th April 2016

Rochdale Town Hall, Greater Manchester


I’ve been busy today.

My little sister called on Mum and Dad to look after my nephews this weekend, which meant I’ve been home alone … I filled my time this Saturday by taking a little trip on one of the new lines of Manchester’s Metrolink System.

Rochdale Pioneers Museum


Upon landing in Rochdale town centre, I took a walk through the town market and saw the restoration of Rochdale’s historic bridge, which crosses the river roch, which gives the town its name. I reached the Pioneers Museum on Toad Lane (Catchy Name!), which gave a comprehensive tale of the Co-operative society, its aims , values and people behind it in its infancy.  It reminded me upon arrival of Matthew Tomlinson’s shop in Lark Hill Place in Salford.  The Museum’s front door was dressed  as if you were back in time in the 19th Century, and beyond that weights and measures of the time were displayed as you were greeted by an original counter marked out with the 7 principles of the Rochdale pioneers…

As part of the first world war centenary – there was a lot of focus on what families sent to loved ones out on the front line as well as tales of the co-operative staff sent out to serve on the allied lines during the war.

There was also a section in the museum on the Pioneers work with the Woodcraft folk, an organisation similar to the scouts, without the early military aspect.

Oldham Museum and Art Gallery


I got back on the tram at Rochdale station and headed for my next stop, Oldham Gallery.  which was brimming with artworks from renowned artists from Oldham and the surrounding area.  I enjoyed looking at the paintings, and the sculpture studio was a pleasant surprise – the bronze of LS Lowry raised a grin.  Equally the tales of famous sons and daughters of Oldham made me smile, and there was a brief military exhibit in relation to the first world war – as part of the centenary celebrations organised by the Imperial War Museum*.  I had to hold my stomach to get through the taxidermy exhibit though….Might be nice to look at, but Owls and Birds of prey should be flying over the Pennines – not be on display in it’s museums.

I raised a smile at the wall of famous sons of Oldham – I am a fan of Eric Sykes’ comedy and enjoyed reading his story in the museum, I liked the goon shows he helped write with Spike Milligan.

I finished the visit off by having my lunch in the Museum Café ….A lovely sandwich salad – Really nice food and friendly staff.  After a brief walk around the town centre and enjoyed the Pennine views, I headed for home with my memories of the day stored on my camera. Best bit of the day enjoying the pennine views and the lovely gardens in both of these Lancashire towns.

*small addendum – I volunteer at the Northern Branch of the Imperial War Museum during the week, so it was great to see what other museums were doing as part of the centenary celebrations.


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Born and Bred in Salford, England - I live a short distance from Old Trafford - Home to Manchester United Football Club. I volunteer at Sale Harriers athletic club and at Imperial War Museum North - where i help as a guide to visitors in the galleries. A blogger, photographer, volunteer and occasional writer.

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  1. What a splendid day! I do miss living in a big city with all the public transportation, museums, historic markers, public art, cafes, and the rise and fall of life lived in close but companionable quarters. Preferably with tourists, who bring that spark of life that we who lived in the city had forgotten about as time wore on.

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    1. Cheers for reading this one , Jane. Took myself on a journey of the low pennines to see a different view than that beyond my window. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.


    1. Great what you can do when you put your mind to it. I’ll be on another venture soon into the hills of Derbyshire with some of the lads of i.w.m north. Post the report when I’ve been.


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