Originality RIP

In response to the prompt <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/let-it-be/”>Let It Be</a>

It was the day I realised Originality had died a long time ago

I was making my way through Manchester’s Heaton Park having just done a shift at the Lawn Bowls venue for Manchester’s Commonwealth Games when over the airwaves came a tune I recalled like lightning

“Another Day for you and me in paradise…”

For those who hadn’t heard the original – Phil Collins wrote the track and went to No1 in the UK charts with the track back in 1989.  It was a track about homelessness – which appeared on the award winning album “But Seriously” the same year….

The young lady who was covering the track – Brandy also had some award winning tracks but i’d only heard this track – It turned out Collins’ record producers in the states had an album of his tracks done by other artists called “Urban Renewal” – And had done covers of all his Number One hits

I let it go – and didn’t think about it until Mr Collins did his own re-hash of a well known song (and at the time that was pillared also)

The last track on his Brightly labelled album “Dance into the light”

A Bob Dylan Number – “The times they are a changing….”

Not if you’re wanting to listen to some originality it seems….

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