Big Brother

A piece on mine to do with surveillance – that appeared in the Forward Poetry Publication “Vice Verses”

There’s a fellow called “Big Brother”

Who’s watching you and me

The head of Spooks and “Surveillance”

And looking for a rogue or three


He got all of a fluster,

when students started a rout.

Screaming ’bout “Freedom” and “Human Rights”

So he sent his agents about


And whilst his boss talked about “Saving our Shores”

These agents took their little tours

Following protestors on their ranch

Aided by their mates in Special Branch


But now, he doesn’t have to get out of bed –

as cameras point down on everyone’s head

Honest protestors sit and they frown

as Big Brother aims to “Secure the Towns”


So be concerned , about your human rights

as Big brother’s watching – all day and night

And if you are vexed – and don’t know what to do

Remember – “Big Brother” is watching You!!

1 Comment

  1. You do not know how true your words are!! A very much “flustered” administrator has recently put cameras looking down at us on every door and corner in our little country school! No worries, I guess, he must know how awesome and special we are, and wants to watch us all day! Loving our kiddos, one at a time! We’re shinning lights set on a hill:) Shine on…the camera is watching:) Enjoyed your poem:) blessings, d

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