When Life gives you lemons…make a pie

In response to the challenge Pie

Yes they’re sour – but they’re still a fruit.

and there is nothing more refreshing  than a Lemon Meringue Pie.


The colour of the filling practically sings of a summer day.

So, you prepare your pie dish – I have been told there’s a cheats way of making this.  But its awfully risky – where you make up a cheesecake base from digestive biscuits  and mould it to the tin.  I suggest using your regular shortcake pastry – Blind Baked.  The walls of the pie have to be pretty sturdy, or the wet lemon filling will ooze out before its had time to set properly.

Squeeze your lemons, into a bowl – add some sugar and gelatine – And finally some lemon zest.  Cook it down till the ingredients have come together and then set aside

Check your pie crust – take it out of the pie dish and place on a large plate – then fill the pie with your lemon filling.  If you wish – you may want to layer the base with lemon curd – but its not necessary, its optional – place the pie in a cold part of the refrigerator and leave until the lemon filling has set in the piecrust.  It should be set like jelly in the case.

Then make up your meringue – egg whites and sugar – mix in a bowl until the egg whites have taken up all the sugar. The Meringue should be opaque.  Take your pie out of the fridge and cover the lemon filling with the meringue . You can pipe this out with a piping bag or place the meringue on top with a large spoon.  Once covered place back in the oven under the grill and wait until the meringue begins to brown

Leave to cool in a dry area. and then – when the pie is cooled…

Slice up liberally and serve with either cream or ice-cream, and enjoy!


    1. Cheers for reading Daily Musings – the prompt mentioned its Lemon Meringue all the way…but I also wrote a little piece on chocolate cake…..I’ll try my best to pull it out of the archive and get it posted 🙂

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