Learning Style

Learning Style

How’s my learning style ?

It’s a bit of an off-side question seeing as its the author that’s discussing it.

Those people who know me, know I’ve adjusted over the years, as I’ve adopted various methods of picking up skills and tasks in doing things – to get around the effects of my conditions – Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy.

I remember some of it – my handwriting at school was a bit wobbly – although id mastered the A’s, the O’s, K’s, and the B’s – basically the letters that made up my name and surname.

I think it was in English I grabbed the nettle for writing…my first piece of story telling produced a computer that took over the street in the middle of the night.and it kind of snowballed from there…I enjoyed most of my classes – hospital got in the way of learning – but although it wasn’t the sole reason – I ended back at the sixth form doing resits – when really I should have been recovering.

I also picked up the computer bug at school.  My efforts got me another “C” grade in addition to English…thanks to a sterling Viewdata project – a forerunner of a web page – all composed on a Humble BBC “B” Microcomputer.  Later on i’d get my paws on a Word processor from Amstrad and get my first PC experience on a PC in the College Library…which i’d use both producing my French, Spanish and Economics coursework.

My Assessors at college found my learning style was – “Kinaesthetic” – a big mouthful to get the scrambled eggs of my head around.  Fortunately my personal tutor and business/it tutors made it simple for me – “Learning by Doing”

My Business IT tutor had an idea – and she suggested I go for it.  I joined the College’s Young Enterprise Team and took the National Examination.  I gained a basic grasp of all the aspects of running a business – from set up to designing a product to producing and selling it…Our Advisors, from the nearby Retail Catalogue warehouse were really impressed with our work ethic.

However as A levels got in the way for some – Our Large team were left with five solitary members.  This meant a rise in the ranks for me – from helping design the promotional material to actually organising production

We did our presentation on the night – well received – but didn’t get the big prize.

That wasn’t the end of it though – I was the Area Candidate for the Northern Division of the Arthur Andersen Awards.  Later on in the year i’d receive my award at a posh do up in the Lancashire hills of Upholland.

And after that – and some considerable grafting – came an OND and HND in I.T.

“Learning by Doing” has helped me in all my working experiences, some good, some bad.  but its been a great run nevertheless.


  1. Learning by doing is very good way of learning, My son has Retinitis Pigmentosa, he is now doing his Phd in English Literature. I used to read to him, his school books and story books. Ten years ago he joined for MA in another state. He uses a software called JAWS. For him it has always been learning by listening. Thank you for sharing and all the best. Regards.

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    1. Cheers for reading, Mukhamani. I Managed to make it to University back in the late 90s – and got my technical qualification i’d aimed for (HND) but in the year i’d taken out to get some experience of work – they’d introduced fees and priced me out of education. Volunteering has aided me no end however – and I picked up some valuable skills along the way, aiding the folks from London 2012 when the Brazilian Paralympic Squad was in Manchester.

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  2. That’s a pretty good post on learning ! I also appreciate you for your hardwork and tremendous efforts and your skills and tasks in doing things to get around the effects of your conditions.

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    1. I’m taking it a day at a time , Bloggertoo. There are days when I can have vague moments. Fortunately the centre I go to – BASIC – has set me up with some basic techniques to get through the day. Nothing overly complex. everything has its place, jobs done in order and such.

      there’s another poem in relation to this – Broken biscuits and Jigsaw Puzzles you’ll find it

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