Seeing in New Year

DSCF2241 (1).JPG

The scene may say 2012 – it’s a Carbon copy of the garden

this Christmas season

In response to the prompt

Stroke of Midnight

Midnight – the last few seconds of 2015 and the  first few seconds of 2016 found me stood outside the front door of the family Lancastrian terrace.

I’d skipped out the back door some seconds before – the streets strangely deserted…firework displays were going off in the northern air and in the distance, I heard the drone of Manchester’s force helicopter swooping overhead as it patrolled the main city centre celebration.

Around me it was strangely quiet – a neighbour passed me as I was waiting by the open gate – off on a walk, he said…New year would have to wait.

And then, I heard two sets of bells.  The first, from Big Ben on the telly inside, the followed shortly after by whooping and  cheering as the Town hall clock from Manchester town hall sounded.

I walked up the path – and knocked on the door.

And was greeted by Mum and Dad.

Auld Lang Syne played on the TV, as we watched the London Fireworks,

And then, popped out of the garden to watch the Manchester skies lit up with colour.

Before sitting down with a drink of our choosing, to watch Jools Holland’s Hootennany on the Alternative BBC channel.


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