Taking Care

In response to the Daily Prompt Post

Take Care

I think i’m relatively independent.

You see regular readers of this blog would have read my “Achievements” post, and thought – how the heck did I make it through all that ?

For those who didn’t – I’ll sum it up in seven words

Arrested Hydrocephalus,  Mild Cerebral Palsy, Ankylosing Spondylitis

For those not medically trained, I have a shunt to regulate the pressure in my head – led to some balance and co-ordination problems – and some major league headaches. The cerebral palsy means I walk a bit funny – and the Spondylitis ? well that’s doing its best to fuse the bones in my back.

As for the pressure in my head – anybody moaning they’ve got a headache can quite happily swap theirs with mine…I have a ‘bad day’ – I get the symphony orchestra, the fireflies and the loaded cannons – leading to me being very ill and paying a visit to porcelain patty

On that day – The Computer i’m typing at gets switched off, all entertainment devices are switched off and i’m restricted to my bed.

If the pain isn’t terrible – i’ll attempt to sleep it off – aided by prescription painkillers…If the gremlins are playing up though – i’ll be paying a visit to the quack and taking it from there.

A few weeks ago – it was so bad – the Surgeons had me in to monitor my headaches – so I was attached to a drip and a pressure monitor at the local hospital – and eventually a meeting with the neurological team and an operating theatre – where another monitor was attached and the surgeons took a look at my head.

They changed my medication – and said I could go home.

So my three little conditions have become my permanent friends…they’re there wherever I am and wherever I go…and on the day one or two of them decide to niggle me – Mum and Dad tell me to take it easy till they’ve stopped having their tantrums.


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