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A tale of an Orange Tortoiseshell that lives in the street near my home in Salford – Artistic Licence has been used!

Marmalade, our Marmalade
he is a funny Orange cat
he scampers all around the house
and plays with this and that

He loves his fish on Monday
on Tuesday – he eats cheeses
in Wednesday – It’s Fried Chicken
He’ll eat just as he pleases

On days he goes hunting in Gardens
on evenings he’ll explore
but you know, he wants your company
when he’s pawing at the door.

On Sunny days – he’s indoors
playing with his ball
On Rainy days – he’s outside
giving it his all

He’ll sit on car’s front seat,
when a visit t’the vet is due,
and wont eat that well known cat food,
he’ll dine on Ham Hock stew!

So, Marmalade – Dear Marmalade
Just where’d you want to be
digging on an island,
or swimming in the sea?

You fish in next doors garden
and jump on small feathered birds
You’ve been attacking local dogs in street
(or so thats what i’ve heard!)

You’ll find your tea in dustbins
and catched birds home you’ll bring
but Marmalade – Sweet Marmalade
I wouldn’t change a thing!


7 thoughts on “Marmalade

  1. This is great!!! It even rhymes, I can’t do that, or if I do it sounds like a 5 year old wrote it. I feel sorry for my cat right now, he’s not allowed outside, ever. My other cat, who was like my baby, went missing in March and has never been found, so I just can’t bear to lose another !

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    • Cheers for Reading, Kally. The Best of my humble little scribbles are going on here together with a few responses to the guys and girls at Dailypost. If there’s owt you want to see more of – feel free to drop me a line on here.

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