Christmas Tree

As we’re in December – I’m RELENTING!!!

Here’s a tale of Christmas – about the tree enjoy


I’m writing on St. Andrew’s Day,

to make a festive plea.

Don’t neglect mother nature

for the sake of a christmas tree.

Now, before you all yell “Humbug!”

at my festive rhyme

consider if you will the subject

that i’m spending the time.

yon Scots pines been up in the highlands,

where its taken some time to grow

for some forester to swiftly chop it down

with one or two axe blows

“Its tradition!” I’ll hear the hardened

who don’t listen to my plea

they say it’ll thrive – its not even alive

as the needles fall from the tree

So get yourself one in a bucket

one wi fresh branches and shoots

after chrimbo and snow – it’ll continue to grow

in a place where it’ll spread its roots

and you’ll see it in garden each winter

as it grows upon year after year

and the children will play, wi the toys on the day

the tree brings the Christmas Cheer.

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