My Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt “This is Your Life”

<a href=””>This Is Your Life</a>

“My life flashed before my eyes – it were really Boring!!!”

(Babs the Chicken played by Jane Horrocks, Chicken Run -Aardman, 2000)

If this were to happen what would I see?

Two and a half operations

Some great times at Primary School

A Set of Gators and Boots with Splints

Adjustment at Secondary School – and the odd award and Dramatic performance (Typhoo – a Chinese policeman – in a school performance of Aladdin)

Mastering IT Systems in College (look out – it’ll be mentioned again)

More Theatricals, both on Stage and in the Boardroom (Through the College Young Enterprise Co.)

Mastering IT systems in College (and getting my A-level style BTEC certificate in the process)

Writing Databases and Doing Data Entry for Various Companies

Heading to Manchester Metropolitan University – and getting my HND

Volunteering at a number of sporting events from Athletics to Squash – not at least for the boys and girls of Manchester’s Commonwealth Games and later – Sale Harriers Athletic Club

(and that’s just scratching the surface…)

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