Learning the Harmonica

Strike a Chord

On my bookshelf sits, a steel covered Harmonica.


Here it is.  Sat in front of my Discworld paperbacks. 

It isn’t that old, only a few Christmas’s have passed as I’ve worked my way through the various notes it plays.

Its more of a blues instrument as the notes play over a series of bars through a horn.  Its also a diatonic instrument , which means I can produce a wider range of notes with it.

The notes it makes changes as I blow air through the holes of the harmonica…if I breathe in the notes become different.

As for tunes – and Christmassy numbers – I’ve managed part way through “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night”

I won’t be giving Stevie Wonder a run for his money – but one day I hope to master one of his tunes!

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