More Blue Sky Thinking

Climate Control

In response to the Daily Post Prompt – “Climate Control”


The Seasons this year are really confusing

and when the seasons affect your mood – its a recipe for some interesting behaviour

For example, by now, I would have expected the feathered occupants of the canalside to have headed south of the location of Inkdrop House.  But Surprisingly, the feathered inhabitants of Salford’s Quayside have decided to stick around…Migration patterns disturbed by the Mercury in the thermometer.

The trees in the park are losing their leaves slower than usual.  A Colourful outcome to this are the patterns of colour on the leaves

But as the colour changes so does mood.  Blue Skies of Spring always make me smile, and white clouds are nice to look at – but as soon as those clouds darken – so smiles disappear from young faces

Its funny how people suddenly want to go outside in a torrent of rain… It stops most outdoor activity, allowing the use of the phrase “Rain stops Play”

But then again – that too brings some benefit, That wet stuff falling to the ground is making the flowers , trees and food grow. Rain also gives us rainbows – so despite being indoors youngsters still enjoy the colours the falling water brings.  If prepared right – when the water stops falling – it leaves behind puddles – perfect to test your wellington boots. The young smile again…and Feathered friends enjoy a dip in the impromptu birdbath.

As the Mercury rises, and the sun comes out – Worshippers of Ra suddenly feel the need to roast in over-seasonal heat.  The rest of us slap on the sunscreen and try to cool off the best we can whilst the sun smiles on.  Ice-cream, Cool Drinks and Siestas become part of the daily routine.  Splashing in the sea or pool – a welcome delight. Put a gentle breeze into the mix – everybody is smiling – let the mercury rise further – the people start looking for the Air-conditioning or look for the nearest shaded veranda (or bar)

But then the mercury drops – and the leaves lose their colour – and autumn watches on for the arrival of winter…the girls and boys put their summer attire away for more suitable fashions – Jumpers, scarves, gloves (or if you are smaller, Mittens)

Feathered Friends depart south for warmer climbs.

The clouds seem different, colder. They streak across the sky holding on to their frosty cargo and then – when you don’t see it coming

The leaves on the trees , fallen to the floor, leave a carpet of autumnal colour – they crunch underfoot.  There would be a reaction by the local wildlife – but they’ve departed for warmer spots.

And then come the first snowflakes of winter.

And while little bears play out in the snow – their elders hibernate in the warmth of their centrally heated caves

Waiting for Spring.


  1. I think all the wildlife is coming down here. It still feels like summer in South Florida and I would like to experience some cooler weather soon! #WaitingforWinter LOL

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  2. Things to make you smile…
    The first cardinal or robin looking for a worm in your yard after returning for spring…
    Children’s incessant giggles in a pool during summer evenings…
    The wondrous colors of the leaves on a Fall ten-mile hike….
    The first snowflake and awakening to the cotton-trimmed trees of winter….
    I smile a lot!

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