Inside out

Character, Childhood, Emotions, Health, Memory

Frame of Mind

I’ve not seen it yet – but this daily prompt got me thinking about the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out.

Joy , Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust – We’ve all got them…or if you are more a “Snow White” fan – these would equate from Happy through to Grumpy

They’re emotions that develop from childhood, and help us form memories or cues…things that stick in Long Term Memory

So Yes, I remember every crack in the pavement – I fell over from them more than I care to recall…but i’ll also remember walking across fields of green grass, sinking my feet into warm sand and making smiling snowmen from the depths of deep Northern English Snow

They’re memories that make me Happy through Sad – but in the end – they’re what make Me.

The Rains coming down – and its splashing on the puddles

Time for some Blue Sky Thinking – Its Wellington Time.

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