Seat Guru

Eating, People, Poetry

Seat Guru

A tale for eight – with knives , forks and plates.

Spike Milligan sat in seat No1

(he’ll have them rolling in the aisles before service has begun)

Groucho Marx in Seat No 2

(His madcap style wont leave his guests blue)

Salvador Dali in Seat No 3

(Painting pictures of guests before he has tea)

Jasper Fforde in Seat No 4

(Telling ‘New’ Nursery Tales you’ve not heard before)

Tommy Cooper in Seat No 5

(making your chuckle-muscle jitter and jive)

Next to John Cleese in Seat No 6

(A Python comedian – adds perfect to the mix)

L.S. Lowry takes up Seat No 7

(His paintings still hang up in Salford – Not Devon)

And Finally Pratchett – Dear Terry takes 8

(A Writer of Fantasy – That is really great)

They’ll all entertain with their rythum prose and rhyme

and Salvador will conjure a picture if there’s time.

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