Writing Spaces

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Space.”

I find nowadays, its not so hard to find a place to sit down and write.

Lets look at today, Its a relatively clear November Morning in Salford, its quiet – not much traffic on the nearby road outside – and right at this moment – I’m sat at my desk in front of my little red laptop, typing this.  Notebooks cover the brownness of the wood, and there’s a reflection in a Video Display Unit that’s telling me I should really go downstairs to the kitchen and get my breakfast….

(There’s a pause while the writer nips down the stairs towards the kitchen and helps himself to a bowl of cereal)

And we’re back…

I return to my writing desk with One cup of steaming hot cocoa and one biscuit (chocolate, Digestive – there were no cookies, another thing for the to do list ) one pen and a notebook – and i’m scribbling down an idea that came to me whilst eating breakfast.  This pencil needs sharpening.  I let the sharpener have its fill, but I don’t let it go overboard …  Ever been stabbed in the hand by a pencil you’ve sharpened ?  I have – and its (Naughty word extracted) painful.

The blank sheet of A5 paper awaits – the seed of the idea has began to grow, but its growing ever so slowly.  So I scribble down anything what i have in whatever form I fancy on to the page….Thought Balloons, Character drawings and so on (I once wrote a romantic tale on a single sheet of A5 – characters, locations, the lot) the thing is don’t stop until you’ve filled the page – Editing comes later – in my case on the purring red Laptop that’s in front of me.

I might need some inspiration – so later i’ll take the notebook (the covered one you scribble in) and grab some reference material – from my second, third or fourth “office” (being the nearby green space, the quayside or one of the local museums) , where i’ll find a quiet spot to write / take photos. As AA Milne put it – even winnie-the-pooh needed a thinking spot.

When finished – i’ll take a break – return to the kitchen and make myself another cocoa – and sit down and enjoy it with a biscuit whilst I have a look at what I have done – Sometimes the seed of idea grows quickly – and i’ll just need a little tidying to produce an end product – whilst others may need a little extra care – thats when i’ll return to my desk and develop my scribbles, watching my ideas grow – and then, when time is right – i’ll start pruning.

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