Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

a href=””>An Odd Trio</a>

It was the day after we’d landed on the Spanish Island of Eivissa.  Dad walked us towards a local tapas bar near to the apartment we’d hired.

“They do really nice fish here – according to the guide” said Mum

Ever resourceful – she’d put our Beach towels on our seats

The waiter came out with our drinks , a beer for dad, a lemonade for mum and orange juice for me and anne-marie,

“Having a starter” asked the waiter

“can I have some soup with my sardines mum ?” I asked

“Gazpacho ?”

Dad Smiled but I didn’t know why – “Er, Yes Please”

He returned in an instant with a plate of mushed up tomato, cucumber and onion, served with crusty bread

I needed Mum’s help to figure out how to eat it – I mean did I have the juice and miss the mushed up vegetables ?  for a few moments – I was puzzled.

Now – Dad may have thought it funny – but I quite enjoyed the concoction – particularly when I mixed my sardines In with it , it was really tasty.  And as the Spanish sun began to rest on the edge of the horizon it was really refreshing – perhaps that was down to the lemon juice in it – or the five ice cubes  floating about the tomatoes!

As for the bones and the fish heads – the restaurant owners cat got those….

And I had no problem with the pudding – icecream set into an Orange…

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