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Christmas is Here! (one month early)

Yes boys and girls, you heard it here first.

Forget the fact you can hear fireworks cascading out of your windows.

Forget its the time for remembering Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Scratch all that – Santa Claus is coming! (Have you got your lists in yet kids ?)


I’m saying this with a very heavy heart – because I quite like the Christmas Season.  The tree, the festivity, the arrival of the eight reindeer (nine if you’re counting Rudolph) and most of all celebrating the lords arrival on the earth, firstly with the vigil mass and secondly with the slap up feed – Turkey, Pudding and All.

and because our dear old shopping mall has put up the decorations long before they’re due, it’ll be a bit of an anti-climax when Santa and his reindeer actually do arrive.

I’m in no doubt that in the run up to getting the family’s presents – I’m going to be bombarded with Holidays in the Sun from Travel agents in the shopping centres.

and somewhere and somehow – the message has been lost…

Enjoy the fireworks all…the Christmas run-ups already begun.

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