What do you do all day?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

It’s a similar question to “Why do you blog?”

The impetus to start writing the blog came as a device to bring all my writings together with the drawings and photos currently stored on my humble little laptop.

My attempts to get my writing out so far has proved to be successful to a limit – as I’ve appeared in lots of publications, but it hasn’t brought untold riches – do to the nature of the presses I work with.

I’m due to appear in the second edition of the Great British Write Off – having entered and had accepted my poem I wrote on Sunsets

Example of the publication I provide pieces for!
Example of the publication I provide pieces for!

It’s satisfying to know I’ve had some success – as the boys and girls at Allpoetry.com and Forward Poetry continue to accept my work in their publications

Meanwhile I continue to subscribe to the boards…as well as help out at sporting events around Greater Manchester.



Back in 2012 – I deputised for London 2012’s Ambassador Team, where I was given a position of Team Leader.  It was fortunate I was there – Brazil’s Paralympic Squads for the Sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball were staying at Manchester during their training and the gaffer in charge of the venue was appreciative of my help.  I’d previously helped out at the world cup event for both events in the run up to the Paralympics – and knew about the rules of the sports and running of the court…so I hit the ground running – organising the court crews.

In addition – after a well earned dinner – I wrote a piece or two for the storytellers project for BT.

As a reward – we received a celebratory baton as a thank you.

After the Games I got involved with Sale Harriers, and have been helping out between Sportcity Manchester and IWM North ever since.

My vollie role at the museum also sees me running about (a bit) – I’m a guide on both the ground and first floors! Fortunately I don’t have to do both at the same time.

I also help answer questions on using the family history section on the ground floor.

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