Tag: Zebra

  • Rainbow Zebra

    You couldn’t call him Black or white he’s far too bright for that dashing about the serengeti and confusing all the cats see his different coloured stripes are such they make the whole place smile so the lionesses don’t grab him for lunch they’ve left him free for a while The hippos think he’s amazing […]

  • Black

    Black Colour of night Dark, but cool at the same time Where would all the sun loving dudes be Without their darkened shades Without it Words would be sad With only blue to communicate Red is angry, green so envious Lines are clear The pages succinct And penguins and zebras Can be drawn, in relief

  • (Zebra) Crossing

    Salford, 4th January 2017 in response to the prompt Crossing Another day walking down Salford’s streets networks of transport – getting round’s a treat but something’s made me smile this new year creating a grin from to ear to ear Clopping across the tarmacadam covered road making his way from his towerblock abode A noble striped horse – […]