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Out to sea

The Shipwreck cove (Navagio) : taken from a boat off Zakynthos coast

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Sat on a boat in the Sunshine

enjoying the ocean blues

as the sealife swims alongside

Shoals of

excitable marine life

are following the line of the boat

Slicing through the waves

each passenger lifts up slightly

as the boat goes up a touch


Sunset over Alykanas

I watched
with my feet still sat in wet sand
as the evening skies faded
like a fire in outer space
day turned slowly into night
and silver fish still circled
as a central point of
fire and ice
waited for the many moons
in the grecian sky to settle in their spots
like diamonds in the sky

Acrostic Beach Poetry


Salford (via Navagio Beach) , 22nd February 2018


White Sandy beaches,

Offset by clear blue sea

Navigated rusted boat sat by the cliffside

Down where the anchor should be

Encrusted with Barnacles and other sea creatures

Rock formations , home to a multitude of life

From strings of mussels to hermit crabs

Unless someone picks them up – they’ll sleep away in the sun

Looking around when its time for tea

Beach Holidays Memories


Daily post prompt – Island

No man is an Island – that’s how the tale goes

But for one hour, around sunrise on Alykanas Beach, I truly was at home on this little Greek island – Zakynthos

We’d gone there on a family holiday.  The plane had landed late that night, so I let Mum and Dad and the rest of our party have an extended nap in the family apartment.

There was no one there – just me, the sea and an occasional sea bird.

The rock I was sat on, led directly to the path of the apartment.

So as the waves lapped against the shore, I saw the morning sky turn from dark into light.

And upon taking the picture below, I popped my toes into the coolness of the Mediterranean sea.


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Just Landed

In response to the Daily Post Challenge

Stranger in a Strange Land

The plane left an had Inclement Northern city airport in the UK to land on a Warm Green Spot, somewhere in the Mediterranean.  The first thing I had noticed was the heat, I had been told it would take a day or two to adjust to the increase.  We went through customs and then sat in the Airport Terminal, waiting for our Bags to join us.

Then, there was the bus ride.  Having just travelled miles by air, we were now going miles by road.  The road signs came into forms local and English…I thanked the stars for picking up a local phrasebook – I would need it later.  The roads bended one way and the next, hugging mountainous territory.  The site of Azure blue seas never too far in the distance.   The bus stopped along the way at various stops on the road – dropping fellow passengers of at their place of rest.  The Local wildlife just looked on and chirped.

The Flora of this new place was amazing.  On the coastal path colours of pinks, oranges and yellows collided with Sandstone and Marble White – then there was the colour blue, it appeared everywhere – not at least in some of the domed rooftops that lined the streets. Behind that, windmills in the fields , where grapevines shared land with olive groves.

And then we’d arrived….”Alykanas” the road sign said, In the next few days I would be experiencing the delights of Ionian life, from the wonderful local cuisine to the warmth of the locals and their wonderful culture and scenery.  I’d also master a few stock phrases to pick up one or two things from the markets, and be instructed in the art of local dance.

I got into my beach gear and having made a note of the apartment number made a beeline for some wonderful white sand, and a sea where friendly fish said hello.

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My Happy Place

Alykanas Beach
Alykanas Beach

Happy Place

It’s got to be the beach at Alykanas – Zakynthos

When the time is right – it’s perfect.  Azure blue seas that you can see the local wildlife in if you dip your toes in the water,   Gentle breezes to take the heat off from the Ionian sunshine and then there’s the fish that go swimming around your feet.

On a Clear Day – you can get a wonderful view of neighbouring Kefalonia.

It always raises a smile with me.

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Ionian Blue

Alykanas Beach
Alykanas Beach – Zakynthos

Warm blue skies in a Zakynthian Sky,

white fluffy clouds go passing by

floating away like waves in the breeze

which lap up slowly, hitting your knees

Golden sand meets with the blue of the sea

Oranges hang high in a Greek orchards tree

Little fish swim in the sea round your feet

Nipping your toes for a little treat

Music is played by a traditional band,

as you bury your toes deep down in the sand

and solar rays turn worshippers from white into brown

Just in time for their night on the town

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The Accomplished Traveller

While out on Holiday to Oledeniz in Turkey – I took along a very special guest

My little mascot – Bean Bear!  He’s a winnie-the-pooh beanbag that’s been

up and down the uk and to places in Spain, Greece, and Turkey with me.  For some reason,

he makes me calm when i’m on plane journeys…and that’s probably down to the fact the bigger

version of him  was used to calm me down when I was in hospital facing an operation.

Little Yellow Bear (The Accomplished Traveller)

A different place,

a different wall.

He sits on the bed,

Where he knows he won’t fall.

He’s travelled to places,

both far and of wide,

he likes the warm sunshine,

but prefers inside.

He’s the small yellow bear,

who reminds you you’re home

whether out on the sands,

or under a dome.

And he’ll sit there on

His nice new spot.

With the cool breeze

He likes that a lot!
And he’ll stay with you there,

till you head for the beach

when he’ll stay in your pocket,

he’s not out of reach.

And he’ll stay till it’s time

to get back in your case

and it’s time to go home

or to some other place.