Angst of an Amateur Actor

Dramatic   Although I like writing dramatic scenes, I don’t think i’m cut out for the stage. I helped make a film back in 2009 for BASIC in Salford, but throughout the filming was more at home behind the camera than in front of it… its all the remembering of lines, rehearsals, delivering performance andContinue reading “Angst of an Amateur Actor”

Scribbles in Notebooks

Pens and Pencils Salford , 18th July 2016 “Just a humble little scribble from my notebooks” I like writing and drawing, and though i’ll never be the next big thing when it comes to these artforms – I still find them helpful in my never ending mission to concentrate the mind.     Whenever i’mContinue reading “Scribbles in Notebooks”

Filling in the Blanks

Blank The scroll of paper was pinned to the wall ready for action   It remained as it was for a number of minutes as little thinkers – Thought   Blank white paper with nothing to say but – “FILL ME IN”   Suddenly a word, two or three accompanied by colours diagrams and picturesContinue reading “Filling in the Blanks”

Raison detre

#DiscoverWP In response to the prompt So then, why do I write ? It’s a really good question, one which I’m honest Id have to admit the answer comes out of one of therapy rather than creativity Back in my younger years, I was really good at it…characters spilled out onto blank exercise booksContinue reading “Raison detre”

Close ups and Still life

  27th April 2016 Location: The Enchanted Garden, Brain and Spinal injury Centre, Salford. Today in BASIC’s photography class, we’ve been practicing some Close-up techniques as well as learning how to “Frame” an Image. Upon agreeing a subject – we headed out into BASICs Garden to try out the theory of framing an image inContinue reading “Close ups and Still life”

Night and Day

in response to the prompt : Because the Night Productivity Now there’s a word to conjure with. I could say I get my best Ideas during the first hours of the morning.  There’s plenty to think about, ranging from the thoughts of why my folks insist on leaving their digital radio alarm clock to goContinue reading “Night and Day”