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Blank Canvas

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stares into

white fluffy clouds

ideas form

paper awaits




blank canvas

sits idle

blue skies await

application of

cerulean on white




Work complete

ten thousand notes

await transfer of

ink to paper

creating a tune

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Revisiting a published favourite…. #GBWO

The Inkwell

With Christmas drawing to an end, I thought I might share this piece I wrote for the Great British Write Off, hosted by Forward Poetry to get you in the mood for warmer spells.

Little Jim’s done something very bad!

He played a trick on his Mum and Dad,

enjoying an extra seaside tea –

Wolfing down the fillings with some glee.

It would not been as bad, before –

If bread had not met seaside floor.

And so, the butties, once so grand

have fillings that are mainly – Sand.

To avoid detection, he will sit

by the sandwiches – now full of grit

Whilst Mum and Dad wonders, what’s hiding in their tea?

That extra filling that’s come from the sea.

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Nose in a book..and a cake…

Sunday, 4th December 2016

Mother Nature is keeping her cards close to her chest today,

perfect blue 🌌 with not a ☁️ in the sky.

but there’s a definite nip in the air…little Jack Frost is up and about, and he’s painted every fallen leaf 🍃 in sight

Antidote to the cold ?  A cup of tea ☕️ With a 🍪  in the community room at the back of church after mass.

returned home 🏡 and am parked by a radiator, thawing out.

im reading the late terry pratchetts last (?) offering…the witches vacuum cleaner and other stories, whilst I do

might give me inspiration for a scribble or two…



Acrostic Politics




Since you found the need to write it

I’ve looked over your pen – letter

Never before have I read such venom

Created by the sharpness of your quill

Even now, with your poison consumed, I question your

Real intention behind each word…Do you really care?

Expect a firestorm.


Art Arts

A scribblers tools

Pens and Pencils


Some say, I’ve got a young bill Shakespeare to thank for the

ink drop blog you see before you

although I’d say I’m not at his standard yet..

i will freely admit, I’m no professional .the recognition my work has received has been gracefully accepted

depending on the media used, I use a combination of computer art, digital photography as well as film , craft work and drawing

the pencils pens scraper tools and ink pens have produced a variety of works…some scattered about this site.

regular readers will know, my writings a bit wobbly.  So after putting the scribble in one of my coloured process takes place either on the compaq desktop or my windows laptop.

right now though I’m typing this post out on my new acquisition from Currys.  Tapping out a blog page on an IPad mini.

but I’ll always return to my craft tools at hand….

about my notebooks you will find the link below.

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Six word Story Challenge : Triumph

In response to

End of the line, Gold Assured


Six word story challenge : Human

Part Mineral , Part Animal, Mostly Human

written in response to


My Notebooks

Salford, 9th August 2016


I see them as a fine artist sees a piece of canvas.

Decorated, Labelled and in different colours

I take one around with me wherever I go – depending on weather conditions i’ll use my trusty Parker pen to scribble down my thoughts or a standard run of the mill pencil

If its something that needs my full attention – then fireworks appear – in the form of Luminous colours from a highlighter pen and ticks and asterisks appear if its something I want to share on this blog – or if its something I want to turn more permanent – the scribble gets torn out of the notebook and stored in my Art Materials box.  It gets joined with a plan scribble as to what colours i’m going to use, whether or not I use pastel, ink, or paint…and how i’ll approach putting what I captured on camera to my art collection.

Something captures my eye – i’ll write my initial thoughts … plan out what i’m drawing and/or take notes at what’s happening…see it as seeds falling on composted soil

Eventually – something grows

The power of the pencil and paper is immense – ideas for poetry can come out of drawings – articles for blogs on this very website – come from a doodle made on a park bench.



Angst of an Amateur Actor



Although I like writing dramatic scenes, I don’t think i’m cut out for the stage.

I helped make a film back in 2009 for BASIC in Salford, but throughout the filming was more at home behind the camera than in front of it…

its all the remembering of lines, rehearsals, delivering performance and trying your best to cut out the ad-libbing

And as cover behind the scenes – there’s always something (or someone) to fudge your lines….Not easy to deal with a memory like a tea-strainer, and dealing with the resident drama queens.

My clearest memory of my patchy acting career ? Starring in a bit part of the School Pantomime – “Aladdin” – i’d been switched from one line to two – as I went from one Imperial guard to another…the biggest stresser – delivering the punchline at the end.

(co incidentally ….the film I helped make has won awards, and has been modified to suit the needs of the centre website)



Places Poetry writing


In response to the prompt Sanctuary

Salford, Monday 25th July 2016


by Brian F Kirkham

25th July 2016


My bedroom

My thinking space

My place to be me


A place to write

A place to listen

A place to read






Time to engage my inner thoughts

Place to record my inner feelings

Space to transpose my creative ideas


My Workspace

My Studio

My Sanctuary