Nursery Crime

Rhyme Sat in class with pen in hand English teachers lesson planned write us a poem, without any rhyme you have a few days – there’s plenty of time   So inspiration i did seek going through books for a week and every page would set up the same with two words a rhyming –Continue reading “Nursery Crime”

Time Team 2117

Digging Up Your Digs Amongst the mass of paper the tools of this man’s trade old typewriter – style laptop and camera – 1990s grade Books – you’d call them classics Kipling, Hawks, Horwood, and Fforde ? Sharing a space with this writer I’m sure its a kind of reward Doodles and paintings a plenty conservedContinue reading “Time Team 2117”

Nose in a book..and a cake…

Sunday, 4th December 2016 Mother Nature is keeping her cards close to her chest today, perfect blue 🌌 with not a ☁️ in the sky. but there’s a definite nip in the air…little Jack Frost is up and about, and he’s painted every fallen leaf 🍃 in sight Antidote to the cold ?  A cupContinue reading “Nose in a book..and a cake…”

A scribblers tools

Pens and Pencils Some say, I’ve got a young bill Shakespeare to thank for the ink drop blog you see before you although I’d say I’m not at his standard yet.. i will freely admit, I’m no professional .the recognition my work has received has been gracefully accepted depending on the media used, I useContinue reading “A scribblers tools”