IWM North, September 2018 an acrostic poem by inkdrop, on the newest arrival in the Main exhibition space of IWM North in Trafford…. Made up at the Locomotion works in Bolton A Machine to bring terror to the enemies eyes Thundering across land and desert Hot on the tail of any enemy Infantry In time,Continue reading “Mathilda”

Inky takes to the water

Venue : HMS Belfast, London Date : 20th February 2018 Early morning for me yesterday, as i took up the chance to visit another branch of the Imperial War Museum. As a Member of the Volunteer Team at IWM North, I’d been to Duxford, and Headquarters in London…but yesterday gave me the opportunity to visitContinue reading “Inky takes to the water”

What i’m reading….

Hi Folks. This bit of the blog is going to be an on off review section.  Because , believe it or not – I actually like reading books as much as I like writing stuff Think of this page as not exactly Jonathan Ross but not Michael Parkinson either… In Paperback I’ve currently gone backContinue reading “What i’m reading….”

Remembrance Sunday

It was Remembrance Sunday today. I went to church this morning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Josephs RC in Ordsall, Salford, where we remembered all those who fell in conflict.  The church Belfry was rebuilt in 1924 as a Memorial to those who died in the first world war and the Altar WindowsContinue reading “Remembrance Sunday”


Remembrance By Brian F Kirkham 7th October 2011 Written by the author for IWM North Red poppies sway in the Belgian air, Ever in thanks for the selfless act of those comrades in arms Making their way, from every village and town Each individual, with dedication to duty Made their way to a field inContinue reading “Remembrance”

The Russian Tank

Greetings , Comrade! Have we met somewhere before? I’m a veteran of the second world war… You’ll recognise my number, I’m the T-34 In my vast solid frame, worked a brave crew of five My only aim – was to keep them alive On Russias front, we fought ‘gainst an enemy foe My strong tracksContinue reading “The Russian Tank”

Little Ol’ Red

Little Old Red is resting, he’s done its best. When the world was at war, and bombs fell to the floor These crafty bombs made fire over concrete and grass so firecrews met round him to work they’d amass. Putting out fires and protecting from damage, A meal th’crew would eat was the most theyContinue reading “Little Ol’ Red”