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Wave – On display outside Imperial War Museum North , Manchester (p) Brian F Kirkham Sept 2018

Red poppies are flowing down the top of the earth shard of IWM North

Each poppy was created to remember those who fell in the war to end all wars

Memorial to the host of soldiers who went to the front

Expecting to be home by Christmas

Men not only from the home nations,

But the commonwealth and allies from Europe too

Regiments who met and fought on a field in flanders

As part of the first world war centenary, this artwork is a

Noted reminder, of those who went away to fight and

Came to rest in a foreign field

Each one remembered in the symbol of the poppy

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11th November 2017


As the accord was signed

Regiments over the battlefields of europe

Made safe their weaponry, as commanding officers

Instructed their men to stop shooting

So they stayed at their post

Till the time was declared by those in charge

It’s time for the firing to stop , lads –

Come back home, you’re needed here

Enjoy the boat ride back.

More on remembrance in the archive :


What i’m reading….

Hi Folks.

This bit of the blog is going to be an on off review section.  Because , believe it or not – I actually like reading books as much as I like writing stuff

Think of this page as not exactly Jonathan Ross but not Michael Parkinson either…

In Paperback

I’ve currently gone back to two books I read in preparation for IWM North’s Book Exhibit – Once upon a Wartime

The first the Machine Gunners by Robert Westall – is set in World War II and tells the tale of a group of war souvenir hunters, who’s unofficial leader stumbles across a German Bomber crashed in the nearby woods – with the Machine Gun still intact…

“Some bright kid’s got a gun and 2000 rounds of live ammo…”

A brilliant tale unfolds as the lad and his mates set out to aid the forces with dangerous and unexpected results.

The second War Horse by Michael Morpurgo – set at the outbreak of world war I , tells the tale of a young horse Joey, who is sold to the cavalry and sent to France, and Albert – his owner who goes to the battlefields of France in a mission to bring Joey back

Its a surprising tale – told by the horse itself and brings to life what happened to the animals sent to the front during warfare.

The book itself has been turned into a Theatre play and a Film by the film producer Steven Spielburg – well worth a read.


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Nose in a Book

Its two o’ clock in the morning GMT – and I’ve got my nose in a book.

A real one – not an e-reader version.

No, it’s nothing I’ve written – although if I was to blow my own trumpet – I’d be telling you how great my profile is on and getting you all to take a look….

(I’m not that vain….)


No, tonight i’m reading Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse.

It’s a tale of a Horse sold to the cavalry in world war I, and his owners mission to get him back home from the trenches.

I’m going to read it again before I get round to watching the film on DVD – something about books advantage over film – you get to draw your own pictures.

I’ll also be writing one or two lines for IWM North’s shop when i’m done.

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A Trip to Liverpool

Shared Journeys

26th November 2015


On Thursday, I went on a Group visit with the Volunteers from Imperial War Museum North to view the remembrance exhibit on World war one currently on display at the Museum of Liverpool.


On the way to the Museum, we passed the Walker Art Gallery and St Georges Hall, which is currently home to part of the ceramic poppy installation of the Tower of London that was created for the World War I Centenary.

(Apologies for the picture quality – I did take this ‘on the move’!)


The Exhibit we went to see was entitled Poppies : Women and War. It told the tales of Women caught up in conflict.  Two significant names that shared their tales with Imperial War Museum North were that of the Intelligence Officer, Flora Sandes and the World War I Red Cross Nurse, Edith Cavell.


I enjoyed an Alfresco Lunch (that had travelled with me down the M62) and took in the grandeur of Liverpool’s three graces Alongside the Albert dock.  You could say I had my first Christmas Dinner – with another Trio of Goodies – Turkey & Trimmings on the Sandwiches.  As I was eating – I spotted the ‘Snowdrop’ making its way up the Mersey on one of its regular journeys towards the Manchester Ship Canal and Salford Quays


The next museum we visited was the Merseyside Maritime Museum, which told the tales of Liverpool’s Naval and Maritime Past.


A Training ship was moored by the Maritime Museum.  It’s a Tall ship and is used to give youngsters opportunity to sail on the open sea.  Brought back memories of the Ocean Youth Club vessel, Greater Manchester Challenge, which I was once part of the crew back in 1996.


There were scale models of working ships in the Maritime Museum, and it also had the tales of those who worked and sailed on the boats – in particular the Cunard Liners.

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Remembrance Sunday


It was Remembrance Sunday today.

I went to church this morning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Josephs RC in Ordsall, Salford, where we remembered all those who fell in conflict.  The church Belfry was rebuilt in 1924 as a Memorial to those who died in the first world war and the Altar Windows commemorate those who lost their lives in the Second World War.  A poppy wreath was laid before the Offertory procession.

What made it poignant was the fact the procession of the poppy wreath was led by the Junior members of the congregation.  Alan, a senior member of the congregation gave the solemn promise that goes back to the original time

“At the going down of the sun…we will remember them”

IWM North will be commemorating Remembrance week this week,  I wrote an acrostic last year in commemoration of the occasion.  The link is below.

IWM North Museums Poetry



By Brian F Kirkham

7th October 2011

Written by the author for IWM North

Red poppies sway in the Belgian air,
Ever in thanks for the selfless act of those comrades in arms
Making their way, from every village and town
Each individual, with dedication to duty
Made their way to a field in Flanders, a field now
Bearing the scars of war.
Reflect – and give thanks, to that
Army of Men
Never forget – the selflessness of all those
Chosen and called up to arms.
Each one someones father, someones son

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The Guns Fall Silent

A poem commemorating the anniversary of world war I,

(The photograph : taken at Imperial War Museum, the field gun that fired the first shot of World war I)
(The photograph : taken at Imperial War Museum, the field gun that fired the first shot of World war I)

The shells were stopped
and Rifles were dropped
on a place , of a Belgian field
war was ceased, and peace revealed
on a field in Flanders.

A Silence fell,
on this muddy hell
Release and Relief showed on the face
of every Brit and German placed
on a field in Flanders

Agreements made
and shells laid
down without being fired
as a peace (of sorts) was inspired
on a field in Flanders

And Guns on the left
and Guns on the right
stayed silent together that night
as warring factions stopped the fight
on a field in Flanders.

Two Minute Silence

The Field Gun


Historical History

Records Miner

Another poem – this one’s about the work I do as a volunteer at Imperial War Museum North

On Weekday Afternoons, i’m found
sat by terminals abound
In a Museum, dedicated to war,
and you’re probably asking, what for?

Well, i work the station, Now and then
that looks up records in fives and tens
remembering men and women lost
in the two wars, counting the cost

And people often come to me,
to search for some info , by degree
for a relative, a loved one, or an old friend
to learn where someone met their end.

Sometimes there’s tears, and others there’s smiles
and Sometimes they’ll stay around for a while
as they tell of a tale, of their pal that is lost
the one who paid the ultimate cost.

And the certificate that’s printed so,
will with the enquirer home will go
with memories and friendship rekindled at end
and acknowledgement of their army friend

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The Field Gun

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I. Normally on display at Imperial War Museum North, in Trafford, It’s currently on tour around the commonwealth as part of World War I Centenary Celebrations.

Field Gun - Imperial War Museum North, Manchester
The Field Gun, Currently on a Worldwide tour commemorating World War 1, pictured at its regular home of IWM North in Trafford

It sits in its home
on Parade
its seats as clean as
on the day it were made

Its Armour shines bright
like it looked on day one
but its many a day
its sat in the sun

As it lined up presented
by those men in the ranks
facing the mortars, the mines
and the tanks

As the generals gave order
and it fired the first shell
it started the barrage
and sounded like hell

But now, its retired
Amongst army friends
and teaching those lessons
never really ends

But note as you pass it
as you look back
the hole in its armour
from the enemy attack.

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I on display at Imperial War Museum North