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  • Hiding II

    Hiding II

    Nobody can see me from here i’m tucked up tighter than any ball of wool in my spot on the corner it’ll take the sharpest of eagle-eyes to find me where i am and if i can’t see where i am they can’t either

  • Newborns


    #writephoto #newborns She waits in the pen with great trepidation her aunties waiting for her cousins to arrive expectations a plenty, for lots of young uns to engage with, keeping close to mum at the mo but playing with them all in the pasture, when the time is right

  • Yarn

    #Fowc #Yarn Salford, 2nd June 2020 You can make all kinds of garment from this A Cardigan, a Hoodie, a Hat or a Scarf Reaction to their creation – from the kids – a smile Not forgetting the family cat who’s trying to catch the ball around the room

  • Memories of a Tabby Cat

    Salford, 23rd October 2019 #Octpowrimo #cat #Memories They called you crazy – but you were quite a character, king of the garden and the dining room floor ignoring the cat food – for sardines or cod and eating fish batter – which I found rather odd got into a fuss if little ones picked you […]

  • Curious


    #fowc #fandango #curious #cat #kitten #wool Curiosity might be what killed the cat, but up halfway on the stairwell rolling about in grandma’s knitting is a furry little fellow on a hunt for the big woollen ball up high of the pyramid sat in the basket

  • Knitted

    Knit Knights of the realm could be toppled by this – but Not my mum, or my aunties or Nanna Its where i learned some very basic steps To create a scarf for my teddy bear. To be honest, the twists and turns of loops and purls were Extremely difficult, but by the end of […]

  • Fluff

    Fluff For ever since we’ve been shearing sheep lint has fallen from garments up and down the land under wardrobes and cupboards it lies, having floated and flown around bedroom spaces before falling back into a usual spot – normally the back of the wardrobe

  • Thorny

    Thorny Running through a rose garden often ruins your clothes Specially if you are wearing a woollen jumper expect those knitted specialities to get Snagged on a spike or two – creating a hole that’ll need to be patched

  • Warp and Weft

    Yarn Salford, 22nd May 2017 A tale of Northern Mills   From north to south and from east to west crafty threads combine on warp and weft   Coming from the animal from out on the hill and carded and threaded and spun till wheels still   Or straight from the plant coming over the […]