#Writephoto #Outdoors #Camping #Scouts It wasn’t the easiest of shelters for young scouts to construct finding wood that wasn’t attached to a tree was a difficult task in itself Take the wrong kind of material and you would attract some serious attention if not from the leaders guiding you then the camp warden in chargeContinue reading “Den”


#CYW #Beaver Builder of some wonderful constructions every day he’s going down stream for materials and crafting them so they adapt to his home versatile in the way he places each stick each one having its own purpose rivers brooks and streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow


#writephoto #bluebells Brushing against the flowers in the carpet of blue listen out for the chimes as you walk usually, you wouldn’t hear them except – on this occasion – there’s only the birch trees – and they’re not saying much even the squirrels are being quiet – listening to the noise of the bluebellsContinue reading “Bluebells”


Burn the triangle a simple one heat air and fuel started by a little spark amongst the smallest of shavings   Little flame eating everything around it kept at bay by logs and bricks   Starting off slowly the flames begin to grow dining on everything near it apart from the Billy can above  Continue reading “Burn”