Burn the triangle a simple one heat air and fuel started by a little spark amongst the smallest of shavings   Little flame eating everything around it kept at bay by logs and bricks   Starting off slowly the flames begin to grow dining on everything near it apart from the Billy can above  Continue reading “Burn”


Salford, 3rd February 2018 Detritus floating en-masse down the ship canal Readily aided by the boats and the water Is floating aimlessly towards the basin gates Full stop only happening upon hitting the booms where each stick gangs Together forming a pretty pattern on the Waters surface Overjoyed geese, plunder the booty, piling One largeContinue reading “Driftwood”


#coloryourworld #cyw #beaver Brilliant builder of wood based dams Each one of your structures an individual masterpiece As you carefully create each one from surrounding forests Very careful in your construction, – from End to end , each twig and branch fits to create a Riverside home – fit for any waterside family  


interior   2nd January 2017 It’s that place away from the winter weather, never understated – because it’s yours tables and chairs in the kitchen-cum-diner, settee and TV in the lounge each room containing its own mark made by you rugs with interesting patterns laid on hard wood floors intrinsic patterns that took an age toContinue reading “Interior”

Timber Corps

A poem written by me on the timber corps of World War II Timber Corps Hail those ladies of great accord who took on the mighty scots pine the ones who were taught to handle great saws and felled the woods in line They strained with logs to create the planks and soldiers they allContinue reading “Timber Corps”