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  • Heptathlon

    Host of individual events engaging together through the awarding of points, everything from throwing the javelin or a long distance run or aiming to get the highest or longest jump the winner is the one awarded the highest number of points in the contest – often those leaping longest into the sandpit or getting the […]

  • Hoops

    #commonwealthgames #b2022 #birmingham #basketball #3×3 The ball travelled around the court as masters of their craft tried to score for their team With speed, and some grace the ball travelled toward the hoop sometime dropping through the net but others bouncing off the ring Clock ticking down as the scoreboard added points distance the all […]

  • Timber Corps

    A poem written by me on the timber corps of World War II Timber Corps Hail those ladies of great accord who took on the mighty scots pine the ones who were taught to handle great saws and felled the woods in line They strained with logs to create the planks and soldiers they all […]

  • A Trip to Liverpool

    A Trip to Liverpool

    A training ship was moored by the Maritime Museum…Brought back Memories of the Greater Manchester Challenge…