Burnt Orange

When you entered the room Instantly, you turned the boys heads Like Desdemona had arrived Dynamic Heaven’s angel mixed with Hell’s fury Only time would decide what happened next Meeting up with old friends By the banks of the waterside Reality – you would be back at your post come morning Expectations – out ofContinue reading “Burnt Orange”


#CYW #Brown #Birds #Wildlife #Salford Bringing an aire of nature to the painters palette Red mixes with yellow and that colour goes darker as Orange meets black and blue Wild Animals have this colour in their fur , feathers and quills Notably the geese who fly across town Hope you liked this short acrostic forContinue reading “Brown”

Challenge 30 – No25

A Striped Tale…..or is that a Tail ? What’s Black and white and Red all over ? a sunburnt Zebra! (sic) When ever I think about an animal with Stripes, I always think about two particular animals….the tiger and the zebra The tiger is Orange and Black (or is that black and orange ?) whilst the Zebra is Black andContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No25”


Tame Cousin to the king of the beasts anybody would think that it would be madness to take it on Collectively though – the wildness ails away, when the beast needs feeding the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden a happy little kitty – toysContinue reading “Tame”

Wild Strawberry

#coloryourworld #cyw #wildstrawberry #reds #fruit #nature   Hiding away in bushes and hedgerows little red berries await to be found playing peek-a-boo under the greens nothing much like their wimbledon cousins their juicyness comes from being free in the wind pleasant if you pick them at the perfect time tasty enough without sugar and creamContinue reading “Wild Strawberry”


#coloryourworld #cyw #jungle #green #nature Much more a forest with lots more trees a place where mother nature can be very pleased   A backdrop of green for animals to stay and their families to thrive and their young ones to play   with colourful characters living up in their tree living off produce ofContinue reading “Jungle”