Color your world – Month 4

The Final Hurdle – and I’m pleased to report – I passed it! Here’s a list of the colour poems for month 4 of the Colouryourworld Challenge. Hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them Inky. reading “Color your world – Month 4”


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Mauvellous   Magnificient All the girls on the Cretan sands go to great lengths to highlight their beauty Understandably, its what grabs the boys attention Veering an eye towards the girls on the sands Everyone recognises a precious gem on the beach Long flowing locks and Lashes to attract the most shortsighted beefcakeContinue reading “Mauvellous”


#coloryourworld #cyw #wisteria when you look at this plant it’s funny how it works its way around supporting walls or trees the branches climb high, into blue sky eventually allowing flowers to display ravishing colours of purple, violet or pink in some instances, even brilliant white an oriental climber at home on any garden wall

Caribbean Green

    #coloryourworld #cyw #caribbeangreen #acrostic #sea #beach   25th February 2017 Calm waters lapping on a tropical bay As gentle breezes temper the rising mercury Relax in your hammock – under the shade of a palm It’s a wonderful moment, Being by the jewel clear waters Beaches – with cool white sand Each holding a special moment As you soakContinue reading “Caribbean Green”