Tag: Weekend

  • Sunday Morning Call

    #Nature #Weekend #Birds Over the horizon the sun god pops while beyond the curtain a message drops beyond the glazing and well past the wall the birds have awoken some making a call Not much to chirp at at this time of day but the cats are all inside so it’s time to play especially […]

  • Rest

    #socs #rest Relaxation is what the weekend is for everyone should take their foot of the gas Saturdays and Sundays are meant to put your feet up those that don’t – get two days off some place else in the week

  • Wednesday

    #Octpowrimo Weekday Woven tween Tuesday and Thursday Woden’s Day – named after a saxon god and a sign – when you wake up weekend is on its way

  • Monday

    Salford, April 27 2020 Where did the weekend go ? start of a week in a time of lockdown quarter to seven – even the resident birds are still sleeping a new feathered friend flies past the window he mustn’t have got the memo Right about now Ra is popping his head up over the […]

  • Saturday

    Saturday 25th April 2020 #Napowrimo #Outdoors #Covid-19 Somewhere outside, there’s a demon with a seriously bad sense of humour the people are relaxed, as they walk around the town, but until the medics say its ok, we can only enjoy the weather relaxing in the front garden….or limited exercise doing anything in groups – at […]

  • Meat pie

    They lined up down the street For a chance they got one The kids on the grapevine Whispering the news The meat pies are in The boys from baxendale Made young men smile As a waft of meat Travelled from the chip shop The meat pies were in And wrapped up with chips And a […]