Murdered at the wedding feast

Note to the reader – No one was harmed in the creation of this poem 🙂

It seemed that all was looking well

as the bride made her way down the aisle

and the vows were said with grace

the decorations made the hall look swell

As her bridesmaids escorted her in style to a hall,

where food of Heston Blumenthal ,

was served up in a most grand place

on silver platters Wall to Wall.

All seemed well, till after the dance

and the cooks brought in the wedding cake

the hotel located by a railway line

All would be well, you would thought the chance

as an express went past the floor began to shake

and tiers of the cake, began to fall

they saved three tiers – but what of the rest? was it fine?

ask the page boys under the table where it sat by the wall

Acrostic Memories Poetry



Every memory can be triggered

Veils of happy tears and wonderful times at an

Occasion such as a cousins wedding

Kept safe in the head until

Engaged by a sight , sound or even a smell

Acrostic Poetry



Bright as a button

Rounded to perfection

If you look carefully at the way the

Light falls upon it you’ll see a rainbow of

Lights falling to the floor

It’s a sign of its perfect cut

And quality

Nuptials assured – a sign of love from groom

To Bride

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At the Zoo (Edinburgh)

Looking through my notebooks, I found a poem I wrote after visiting Edinburgh Zoo.  I had been attending the wedding of a family friend, and visited the zoo with the rest of the family after the wedding.

Hope you like it.

Edinburgh, 30th April 2013

At the Zoo – by Brian F Kirkham


I went to the Zoo today

and saw a tigger with stripey paws

and a lion with great big claws

but that isn’t everything I saw



I went to the Zoo today

and saw the monkeys and chimps at play

Gorillas on trees, swatting off fleas

and Marmosets hanging off branches by knees



I went to the Zoo today

saw a golden bear swinging off a tree

Orang-utans and Gibbons enjoying their tea

and penguins underwater – like they swim in the sea



panda 2

I went to the zoo today

and saw the pandas out at play

with lots of toys they had lots to do

but most they enjoyed was – eating bamboo



I went to the zoo today

saw a leopard hiding in a bush

and a black panther in the brush

while their cubs dashed around the grass in a rush



I went to the zoo today

and watched Eagles and birds of prey

against grand Scottish hills

I saw buzzards and bills

enjoying the scraps and their swoops and their spills

as I ate up a hotdog from a restaurant grill