Tag: Waves

  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow

    #sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed The sea played with the man on the beach as he walked along the sand blue turning to sky blue then white to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright But after a while the man came up to the sea in an attempt to dip his toes […]

  • Coming in

    Coming in

    #Tides blue water beckons you to come to the place where sand and sea meet up impishly playing a game of tag with your toes and leaving just as fast Little waves bobbing up and down in evening relay Big wave is coming Take heed of warnings Big wave likes making a splash note – […]

  • Motion

    #socs #poetry #motion the waves moved us on destination isle of man behind us north wales sails blown here to there waters waves breaking against the boat while some dived down deck crashing waters hazardous getting wet ? least of worries grateful for lighthouse

  • Pacific Blue

    #CYW #PacificBlue When i see you around i’m reminded of warm summer days and the waters of the ocean lapping the sandy shore Attracting the sportsmen playing about for fun in their watersports gear Motorboats and Jetskis tearing a white wave through your dark blue waters Your Colours more deep than your Mediterranean cousin but […]

  • Red Canoe

    Red Canoe Enters The bay of the Canal side ready for paddles Red Canoe Enters Cutting through watery depths Creating White Waves Red Canoe Enters Gliding past the floating buoys in shades of orange

  • Gliding

    #fowc #Gliding The crew waited for that moment the moment that was perfect the moment to change direction No Salty Afternoon Washes No Swabbing the decks of Seawater No trouble from the turning wind Simply moving through the water Simply cutting past the breakers Simply Gliding through the sea

  • Guardian

    #writephoto #prompt Family sit on the bank, they’ve been doing this for years keeping an eye out for their neighbours providing cover from the atlantic wind for the plants, and sometimes an animal or bird and giving shade to the pretties in pink their reward for this task watching the breakers coming in to the […]

  • Dial


    #Fowc #Dial Digit turns the circuit in a number of turns as connection is made to a loved one far away, through invisible waves

  • Caribbean Green

    Caribbean Green

    #cyw #rock #marble #Green #Caribbean They dug down deep to find this rock The shade of the Caribbean sea Look carefully and you might find a wave or two Captured in the smooth cut surface that your breakfast has been served on.

  • A walk across the sands

    #Holiday #Memories An Impromptu decision walking across the sands on the way to dinner Part of the sands deep, fast running and trapped tween the grooves Another , lapped by the sea deserted, but for footprints left by the shoes Trailing, then disappearing the route almost visible on the way to a fish salad