Pacific Blue

#CYW #PacificBlue

When i see you around

i’m reminded of warm summer days

and the waters of the ocean

lapping the sandy shore

Attracting the sportsmen

playing about for fun

in their watersports gear

Motorboats and Jetskis

tearing a white wave

through your dark blue waters

Your Colours more deep

than your Mediterranean cousin

but seamen still hang around your deep shades

hoping to land that one in a million catch

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Mad River Canoe

Salford, 1st October 2019

Mad River Canoe on Ontario Basin, Salford Quays

Persons three, go off

venturing the mad waters

of Salfords dockland

Paddles cut movements

through deep canal water

making large ripples

Safety in numbers

all wearing their lifejackets

should their boat capsize

Destinations Life Places

Life preserver

In response to the daily prompt



As I walk down the road and make my way through the old Salford Docks, I pass a number of brightly marked boxes along the way.


They’re placed around the old basins of the dock system and are there should anybody fall in or get into difficulty whilst partaking in the water sport activities that now take place in the basins.

Any stretch of water can be a temptation, but it is more of a danger in an old dock, particularly one as old as Manchester’s.   Parts of the quayside may be open to water sports, there maybe the odd pleasure craft travelling up from the connecting river Mersey or the Irwell , but deep down in the waters lie the docks past.  Bits of old ships resting on the canal bed from its Historical past as a working port.

(it still doesn’t stop the daredevil kids jumping into erie basin from Detroit bridge though – Crazy!)