Tag: Waters

  • Going through the H20

    #MLMM for https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/10/photo-challenge-306 Diving into the blue waters was a lot easier until a comet decided to collide with the big blue marble now our hero is holding his breath while holding on the bladderwrack for dear life the seabirds were a little bemused by flying fish and crustaceans and a hovering pair of feet […]

  • Retreat

    #WDYS A perfect getaway set in trees and mountains a place to get away from it all take in the mountain air and catch a fish or two then perhaps after you’ve ate you dip your toes in the waters blue

  • Pacific Blue

    #CYW #PacificBlue When i see you around i’m reminded of warm summer days and the waters of the ocean lapping the sandy shore Attracting the sportsmen playing about for fun in their watersports gear Motorboats and Jetskis tearing a white wave through your dark blue waters Your Colours more deep than your Mediterranean cousin but […]

  • Herring Gull

    Herring Gull

    Wednesday 15th April 2020 #Napowrimo #Bird #Gull #Salford He’s sat on the tyres by the part of the dock, where eager shoppers alight ferries and off do they flock rotating and hopping around by the gate revolving ideas of what he’d like on his plate in dock number 5 he waves wings about noting the […]

  • Blue-green


    #CYW #Bluegreen Tuesday 6th August 2019 By the time we reached the Island lagoons – of blue green came into view under these waters – fish and turtles enjoying a paddle in the waters glassy waters lapping up against the shore resting in crevices of resident rocks each one giving a home to eager young […]

  • Sea green

    Sea green

    #coloryourworld #cyw #seagreen I walked out on the sea toward ocean blue the fish 🐟 they were keen they followed me too   waves gently moving from sea onto shore minnows circling round my feet on the sea floor   and out there in the shallows the waters light blue green a gem of crystal […]

  • Deserted

    In response to the prompt   Desert These sands were once a vibrant place The waters cool and clear as day Till someone thought it would be cool and treat the beach folk as complete fools They started taking things away No more could little ones play and as developers they all did cheer the […]

  • Iceberg

    In arctic waters Captains of mighty trawlers Expect Trouble – so upon sight they Beckon each and Every Man on board to Resist the perilous demon of the ice, or Go to the lifeboats