Burn the triangle a simple one heat air and fuel started by a little spark amongst the smallest of shavings   Little flame eating everything around it kept at bay by logs and bricks   Starting off slowly the flames begin to grow dining on everything near it apart from the Billy can above  Continue reading “Burn”


Degree As the honour was laid on him the ennobled made a request could the hall staff keep the dining room warm ? he thought that it was best see he’d climbed up great Mount Everest without even catching a chill but drafty University corridors were enough to make him hold still turn up  theContinue reading “Degree”

Cotton candy

Salford 9th April 2017 a sweet poem for the color your world challenge by inkdropk #poetry #confectionery #cyw #coloryourworld #cottoncandy #candyfloss   whispy wires of candy softly rising into a soft tornado gathering in pace as it goes   sensational sugar collides against the  tornado catcher fallen to be reused again   whisps gather paceContinue reading “Cotton candy”

Cherry on Top : Heaven

In response to the photo challenge Cherry On Top   It doesn’t get better than this…. Pick your day Cold damp wet Or if its winter – It’s Frosty or Snowing Pick your Bolthole and welcome in the warmth of a satisfying, chocolatey hug laced with mint, cherry or even chocolate sprinkles deep, rich andContinue reading “Cherry on Top : Heaven”

Fires a Burning

Another piece for the daily post prompt Smoke also appears at http://allpoetry.com/poem/11670889-Fires-a-Burning-by-InkdropK The sun went asleep, upon the moon break and the light from a match began to awake starting to burn the bark from a tree whilst little one’s watch with their cuppas with glee The bark it alights and begins to glow, producingContinue reading “Fires a Burning”