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Salford and Liverpool, November 2015

Manchester's Snowdrop Ferry - In Dazzle Colours - Landing in Liverpool
Manchester’s Snowdrop Ferry – In Dazzle Colours – Landing in Liverpool

Hey! over Here!  Yeah, Man – It’s ME!

Hiding away, in plain sight, in the sea.

A product of Her Majesty’s Royal Na-vee…

But one you can’t spot – I’m sure you’ll agree

Hidden, I’ll protect you

by day or by night

with my dazzling colours to avoid a fight

coloured like sea and sky so bright

enemy spotters cant see me quite right.

And it’s not just me hiding – look up in the air

catch a glimpse of my flying friends if you dare

on spotting missions against th’ enemy

and tanks hidden like fallen trees

So keep your eyes open –

and don’t let them veer

One Minute i’ll be there

and the next


Acrostic Memorial Poetry


Monoliths of mighty stone
Encapsulate the names of the heroes
Motivated to defend their country.
On foreign lands and waters they lie, but in
Reality, they are never forgotten.
Inscriptions remind us of the debt, we
All owe to the men and women who fought
Long ago