#coloryourworld #cyw #violet

Very striking colour – is the violet

it’s not as if she shy’s away among the other colours

on the contrary, if she wasn’t where she was, sitting by the rainbow, the others would

let loose – and you wouldn’t see them up in the sky

expect to see her vibrancy in the garden too, but

take care -for handling her delicate flowers, will leave a trace – that will follow you.



#CFFC #Vibrant

In response to the photo prompt challenge

This photograph was taken during the summer, and is of the purple / blue flowers that were growing in the garden planters in the front garden of the family home. They’re offset by the pink flowers in the background – and if you look very closely…a very special guest makes an appearance.

Photograph taken with Sony Cybershot and cleaned up round the edges in Serif Photoplus

No Photographer was harmed in the creation of the shot.


I’ve used my photo tools with good effect to bring some vibrant colour to the building I currently volunteer at

IWM North Dot art.jpg

Pointillist IWM North

IWM North Sunset.jpg

Rainbow IWM North

IWM North Rave.jpg

Rave IWM North

IWM North Inferno.jpg

Inferno IWM North