Challenge 30 – No8

“A Window Lit” Salford , 27th January 2019 I once lived by the job centre not a place to gladden the heart it matched the grey clouds above but as people moved in the ministry men moved – Manchester bound and construction men moved on to the ground there’s people at work – now livingContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No8”

Moon Man

Salford 12th September 2018 #promptuarium #Visitor When the men from the rocket landed on the moon they weren’t expecting a reception committee The locals hadn’t seen Astronauts and invited them to tea they looked a little different but acted like you and me And they helped the men collect rocks and soil from the groundContinue reading “Moon Man”

Clarence, the Cat

Clarence, the old ginger tom, is quite a funny cat. Sleeping under stars at night and diving into this and that. You’ll hear him scowling at the cars or staring up at the moon and stars and though he likes to snooze at night that doesn’t stop him having fights When on his way –Continue reading “Clarence, the Cat”


A poem on challenge by yours truly. Hurdles are there, to give you a test an Obstacle to conquer Just do your best Normally found on a school or sports field they appear in new ways to try make you yield Beginning really small, when you’re a girl or a boy when all that youContinue reading “Hurdles”