Acrostic Poetry Travel


#map #fowc

many a sailor or perhaps

a buccaneer has used one of these in

pursuit of treasure

many you will find,

as a guide for potential explorers

putting their feet across peak district peat bogs

most are a guide for weary travellers

ambling across the uk road network

perhaps they could have taken the train ?


The Journey

#writephoto #thejourney

Salford (via Rochdale and Oldham), 17th August 2019

A Walker on a hill.

a tale of a rambler , by inky for the writephoto challenge

He went a walk with an empty backpack and staff

off to get a loaf of bread

many hadn’t heard from him for days, some

even thought him dead

For his boot prints went on and on

for what others saw as miles

past footpath and valley , hill and dale

and spot of nature where he’d stay a while

enjoying the fine weather

the silence and peace

and wildlife around him

it was a release

Drawing a scene half way up a hill

taking in sunshine and cup o’ tea till

time came to face his fate

coming back home far too late


Gods Green Carpet

They took a mechanical pair of scissors
To God’s green carpet
Sticky black runways linked city and town
Whilst up in the hills, mountain sheep frowned
Till one day men held their pride
Railway restored, roads no longer seen
All that were seen were lakes and valleys green
Feet travelled gravelled paths
As local wildlife took their bath
Wildflowers in arrays of colour
Created colourful scenes of life and fuller.
And large lorries made their way
As on another transport the goods did play