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They said they’d be friends for ever

as they watched the magical sight

a merger of magical colour

bringing colour to the night

but then – a terrible happening

hit them both stone dead

as a flying piece of asteroid

hit them both as they planned to be wed

but as night fell after the morning

the two lovebirds returned to the spot

and continued to go there each night time

long after family and friends had forgot

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Dancing on Air


Salford , 10th October 2018

I don’t remember exactly

When my clumbersome feet

Felt lighter than a feather

Perhaps it was walking across fields of flowers

Or watching the squirrels In the local park,

Rolling around in the mounds of freshly cut grass

Or maybe, it was the taste of strawberries in winter,

Hiding away in a little fruit tartlet

Or at most, the moment at that high school dance

Where the girl I had an eye on gave me half a chance

Moments now scattered in the mind, here and there

Moments I was literally dancing on air

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Athought from inky in response to the prompt



Give your love a sweet Valentine invitation

on a piece of rice paper parchment

send it with hand picked roses

made from flavoured marzipan

and those vegetables she doesn’t like on her salad

will taste o so much sweeter when she finds they’re strawberries

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Missing You

As its Valentines Day – I’m Reblogging This…enjoy!

The Inkwell


I sit here, writing
all alone
waiting for your
exquisite tones
Hoping that you
throw me a bone…
because i miss you

We parted,
on good terms
but separate ways
and as the hours turned into days
I wondered why you went away
because i miss you

Where did you go?
Where did you fly?
through the stars or a place nearby
I’d search the valleys, go the furthest mile
all to see that beautiful smile

But still there’s more, My heart won’t take
any more of this – it might just break.
Perhaps, one day, you might think to see
of one day, take a walk with me.

Not asking for your liberty,
just a talk – a dance – some tea
and if you worry where this will end
I’m happy with – “lets just be friends”

Gone off Radar – Plain to see

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The Moment

A poetical piece, posted as a poetic response to my piece in If I could turn back time….


A moment in an hour of doom,
lifted my spirits in the disco lit gloom.
This wallflower clings to the wall with care
whilst the beauty in his vision sits on a chair

A moment of courage came to the lad,
so I decided to take the chance I had.
And by chance , our eyes began to meet
so I started to shuffle my nervous feet

Towards You , on the floor
and not , towards the door

You took me, quite
by surprise!
When you moved, those
beautiful eyes
Towards the apparent, valentines
last prize

That was me.

So while you move, wi’ your soda and lime
we’ll move to the middle, and take our time
grasping the nettle, and taking a chance
to hold one another – and dance!

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A Moment…

In response to the prompt :  If I Could Turn Back Time

I’m brought back to a Christmas Dance, or was it Valentine’s Day ?

Fifteen years old, and wet behind the ears….

A memory of a beautiful girl with Jet Black Hair, and a smile that would melt the frostiest of hearts.  I recall the briefest of dances, and a polished hall floor – and a pair of eyes that I could have fallen into, those pools were so deep.

Here’s Me – shuffling my feet in distraction, Her – Smiling at me in gentle reassurance. I could have sworn she just winked at me.  Her hand drifting softly into mine as we softly skipped across the wooden dance floor.  And then with a peck on the cheek – it was over.  We’d left the dance floor holding hands, but more as friends – not anything else.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda – comes to mind.  I tried to remedy the situation a year later – but by then we were heading down different paths…It raised a titter down college corridors.  So perhaps – If the clocks could be reversed – and I got that second chance,

what would I do ?

Ask her the question obviously….