Image prompt c/o Pinterest – anyone want to lay claim to the image let me know and i’ll credit you on here – thanks! Link: They said they’d be friends for ever as they watched the magical sight a merger of magical colour bringing colour to the night but then – a terrible happeningContinue reading “Forever”

Dancing on Air

#octpowrimo Salford , 10th October 2018 I don’t remember exactly When my clumbersome feet Felt lighter than a feather Perhaps it was walking across fields of flowers Or watching the squirrels In the local park, Rolling around in the mounds of freshly cut grass Or maybe, it was the taste of strawberries in winter, HidingContinue reading “Dancing on Air”

A Moment…

In response to the prompt :  If I Could Turn Back Time I’m brought back to a Christmas Dance, or was it Valentine’s Day ? Fifteen years old, and wet behind the ears…. A memory of a beautiful girl with Jet Black Hair, and a smile that would melt the frostiest of hearts.  I recall theContinue reading “A Moment…”