Tag: Underground

  • Beetroot


    I Born in the ground enjoying itself in the soil before being elevated to new heights and taken to the kitchen where it will rest in vinegar and spices till it comes out of the pickling jar and set out on the plate as the perfect side to the Lancashire hotpot II Pickling vinegar turns […]

  • Pasty


    #socs #-sty parcel of meat, vegetables and fruit a little something for the tin or coal miners to keep themselves going, while working underground you can also enjoy them, from your local bakers

  • Soil (II)

    An acrostic by inky, in response to the daily post prompt Soil Some people – call it the ground One of natures building blocks If you looked at it – from deep below – you would call it Life itself   Several different creatures – they call it home On occasion , they climb out […]

  • Hidden


    Hidden In the green of the park Never miss a moment Vast numbers of creatures live In every nook and cranny across the field of grass Some, sleep in the wood – whilst others live In the ground, pushing up the grass you play on Birds nest hide away – but you have to Look […]

  • Spring greens

    #Coloryourworld #cyw #spring-green From down in the ground on cold winter ❄️ months long 🍃 leaves take time to grow.   As their heads pop up from the ground rejoice! For their dark green foliage utimately signal mother nature fancies a change of scene   the mercury rises and the flowers 🌺 are coming spring […]

  • Underground


    underground What’s that sound That’s not above ground ? Under your feet and way down the street below the grassy mound somethings digging around making its way from point a to point b wild creature moving off home for some tea and on way it moves soil pushing grasses above head making lawns lush before […]

  • Dragon’s Fire

    Dragon’s Fire

    A tale of a Dragon, written by me for a contest in Allpoetry.com. See that crack down on the ground ? Quick – retreat – and don’t make a sound! For underneath your step and leap, a dragon lies – he’s fast asleep. A rumble of traffic overhead as he lies sleeping in his bed […]