Looking out for the next image

Salford 4th June 2018 Another photography post, and yes, the image of the local park. I posted it because after my journey into foreign lands, i’m now thinking upon my next photographic project. which turn i’ll take – is anybody’s guess.  however there’s plenty of scope for me to take a look at.   CouldContinue reading “Looking out for the next image”

Magic Roundabout

Carousel An acrostic on the Carousel, by Inky.     Crazy, the way this amusement ride of colour turns round and around to the sound of the pipes in its middle under the musics charms the stallions and fillies move up and down expect laughter and cheers from the little ones, who’ve been waiting allContinue reading “Magic Roundabout”

Take it to the bridge

In response to the daily post prompt Bridge Salford, Saturday 29th October 2016     Wonderful pieces of engineering traversing the great canal waterway passing across them on a daily basis I marvel at the way they work Some, they lift until weights stop, and some turn round as ferry anchors drop but without themContinue reading “Take it to the bridge”