Ode to a ham

Newbold Verdon, 25th december While the children played their games Under the gaze of the decorated Christmas tree You sat bathing in a sugary herbal bath Turning like cleopatra As you cooked away in the oranges, spices and cloves Sending sumptuous smells through the house Till it was time for you to join the vegetablesContinue reading “Ode to a ham”


in response to the prompt – Glorious Side, Turkey – 2007 Looking through the old photos again enjoying a walk in the mangavat valley near to our holiday apartment as i remember, the sun was a little hot – and this was taken later in the afternoon remains of a roman wall, set among grainsContinue reading “Glorious!”

Composition of a painting

Salford, 7th March 2017 The drawing originated from the last family holiday we had in Oludeniz, in Turkey. I took my notepad and pencils with me to do some scribbling when i got bored of taking camera shots with my Samsung web camera. Just by the complex we were staying in were the remains ofContinue reading “Composition of a painting”


#ceruleanblue #cerulean #cyw #coloryourworld could it be chance or fate every time I see this jewel of a colour reminisences of holidays come flooding back usually seen in the skies that met the sea local buildings , in white were accented with it each house with a roof door or wall in it a perfectContinue reading “Cerulean”

Darn that table!

Uneven The kitchen fairy has been at it again pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table you notice their action as little veg strive to become escape-peas The family pooch is drooling as table slips and slides and silver surfaced platters around the table ride Turkey ready for serving in oven it awaits as peas,Continue reading “Darn that table!”

Eye Spy…

Eye Spy The Question is…who spotted who first ? You see, I was sat on the veranda of my Turkish holiday apartment in Oledeniz, when this chap popped from behind a tree to say “Hello!” And then he started following us around the hotel complex and the nearby beach – passing from tree to treeContinue reading “Eye Spy…”

A view from a Window

A post of Oledeniz and Fethiye, Turkey I’m sat on a seat waiting for my tea with Mum and Dad.  The sun is shining brightly on this part of the Turkish Coastline, local fishermen are sat by the harbour – seeing to their nets.  The water is so clear, you can see the fish swimmingContinue reading “A view from a Window”

Revisiting Heritage sites

I’ve been looking over my notebook this morning and a common theme seems to have taken place. My love for pen drawing (not taking photographs of) places I’ve been to… Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey, the lagoon beach on Oledeniz gave me lots of opportunities to capture the surroundings around me.  And whilst i’mContinue reading “Revisiting Heritage sites”