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Soapstone turtle from oludeniz, turkey

Travelling from quite a fair distance

Up on my bedside cupboard, lives a soap stone turtle

Regaled in fancy patterns, carved by the artisan

Turns heads with newcomers who haven’t seen him

Likes to hang about with others of his kind

Except – while he is Black and White – his pal is in colour

Character Christmas Poetry

Ode to a ham

Newbold Verdon, 25th december

The Ham, Mentioned in the verse.

While the children played their games

Under the gaze of the decorated Christmas tree

You sat bathing in a sugary herbal bath

Turning like cleopatra

As you cooked away in the oranges, spices and cloves

Sending sumptuous smells through the house

Till it was time for you to join the vegetables

To the sound of the chef in the kitchen

“Luncheon is served”

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Turkish Countryside.JPG

in response to the prompt –

Side, Turkey – 2007

Looking through the old photos again

enjoying a walk in the mangavat valley near to our holiday apartment

as i remember, the sun was a little hot – and this was taken later in the afternoon

remains of a roman wall, set among grains and vines

now i look back – it was a glorious view

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Composition of a painting

Salford, 7th March 2017

Cerulean (2)

The drawing originated from the last family holiday we had in Oludeniz, in Turkey.

I took my notepad and pencils with me to do some scribbling when i got bored of taking camera shots with my Samsung web camera.

Just by the complex we were staying in were the remains of some roman buildings.  The temple part remained intact in the centre of the city, but i was given the opportunity to take a drawing of the ruins nearby…a path between the complex and the beach ran right past the ruin.

so, i found the perfect place to sit…someplace i could see the plants, the sea and the stonework, and started drawing.

and whilst drawing, I drew quite a crowd…even if it was the lizards who lived around the Roman Ruins.

Upon landing back home at Manchester Airport….I picked up my watercolor pad and drew a copy of the scribbled drawing from my notepad

I used vermillion and burnt umber for the far away stones, and yellow ochre for the bricks nearest to me.  To create the bushes on the path, i used sep green, and the centre of the painting was filled in with shades of cerelean blue.


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Cerulean (2).jpg

could it be chance or fate

every time I see this jewel of a colour

reminisences of holidays come flooding back

usually seen in the skies that met the sea

local buildings , in white were accented with it

each house with a roof door or wall in it

a perfect partner for the olive gardens set

next to the white sandy shoreline

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Darn that table!


The kitchen fairy has been at it again

pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table

you notice their action

as little veg strive to become escape-peas

The family pooch is drooling

as table slips and slides

and silver surfaced platters

around the table ride

Turkey ready for serving

in oven it awaits

as peas, parsnips and carrots

roll about on the plate

But light hits our family chef

and gets him off the hook

sliding underneath the feet

a perfectly weighted cookbook

So table will be fixed for pud,

with a couple of little pads of wood

and pooch for now will have to enjoy his ball

and not the turkey that was saved from a fall.

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Eye Spy…

Eye Spy

The Question is…who spotted who first ?

You see, I was sat on the veranda of my Turkish holiday apartment in Oledeniz, when this chap popped from behind a tree to say “Hello!”

And then he started following us around the hotel complex and the nearby beach – passing from tree to tree with his feet, and saying “Hello” to us and other guests willing to give him some time.

I don’t know what attracted him, but I could guess it was a small amount of fruit left on a nearby bird table – anyhow, upon seeing me – he kept on popping up around the gardens on the resort, if not for the fruit – the supply of fresh water spraying around the flowers!

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One word photo challenge : Summer

The Ducks of Oledeniz - taking cover from the sun
The Ducks of Oledeniz – taking cover from the sun

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A view from a Window

Fetihye Dolphins

A post of Oledeniz and Fethiye, Turkey

I’m sat on a seat waiting for my tea with Mum and Dad.  The sun is shining brightly on this part of the Turkish Coastline, local fishermen are sat by the harbour – seeing to their nets.  The water is so clear, you can see the fish swimming around the boats.

The café is by a fountain, and there are shaped box – trees in the shape of Dolphins, Pelicans and Flamingoes around it.  As we sit down to eat we’re greeted by two real live pelicans – kept by their owners – the cafe’s owners named their establishment around them.  We’re reassured – They’ve been Fed.

A Cup of Apple Tea, is the perfect start to the lunchtime treat about to come.  Local Fish , Chips and Salad.  The chips were really crispy and were dusted in a special mix of rosemary and thyme… But in essence its the Fish that’s the star of the show in these parts – Landed by the fishermen and served in herby citric breadcrumbs with a slice of lemon.   The Mushy peas and Tartar sauce side players on the dish – but nice all the same.The Salad is just as nice – Fresh Tomato Cucumber and Lettuce, served with a Tzatziki sauce, and the obligatory Turkish olives.  Drinking a Beer would have ruined the taste of this lovely dinner – so I have a lemonade instead. As the sun shines down on the waterside, it makes rainbow bubbles in the glass which land on the tablecloths.   Local seabirds look on enviously from the pathway – waiting in hope for a piece of fish to drop from the table.  Alas for them…the tables are guarded.  The café owners Cat is watching them from  nearby.

Some cold ice tea, and a fruit salad finish the meal off nicely.  After paying and thanking our hosts we then walk alongside the harbour, where there are a number of boats from the local fishing fleet alongside visiting yachts.


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Revisiting Heritage sites

I’ve been looking over my notebook this morning and a common theme seems to have taken place.

My love for pen drawing (not taking photographs of) places I’ve been to…

Roman Ruins, Oledeniz

Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey, the lagoon beach on Oledeniz gave me lots of opportunities to capture the surroundings around me.  And whilst i’m not an avid sunbather – I had plenty of time to develop a tan while I was doing it.

The drawings are of the Roman Ruins near to the Lagoon area of Oledeniz.  They have been well preserved and are now offset against the beach clubs and sandy beaches of the hotels in the area.  Old Roman Bricks now settle with Turkish Flowers and Sun Loungers, and it was wonderful to see.

Roman Ruins 2, Oledeniz

In some places the local wildlife used the piles of marble as a cool hiding place from the sun.  Aside from the sun, the area reminded me of Castlefield’s Roman Wall…but without any of the facelift!