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Lap of Luxury


Sat in the lounge

warming themselves by the log fire

inside the holiday villa

toasted marshmallows and hot, full on flavour

chocolate, to keep out any feel of winds outside

happy little nephews enjoying their evening

Acrostic Food Fruit Treat


By the time you’ve all read this ditty

Another Banana will have been peeled, sliced and

Nicely sweetened with a little cocoa,

And slapped between two slices of wholemeal bread

Nice to eat, for a breakfast or

Afternoon Treat,  A

Sandwich snack that’s yummy at any time!

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Watching the oven

In response to the prompt

Pour Some Sugar on Me

I remember,

sitting by the oven door

watching the blue flames slowly

cook the fabulous fancies

in their individual tins

Flour, Butter and Sugar combining –

as the smell of desiccated coconut and chocolate

wondering in wisps up the nose

and slowly, the gloopy mix began to rise

and began to solidify

a tea time treat – for after

the shepherds pie and beans.

Food Photography


Covered in Icing and Filled in with Custard - An ideal treat
Covered in Icing and Filled in with Custard – An ideal treat

During my photography lessons at BASIC in Salford, We’ve been Concentrating on the sweet stuff…I’m partial to a doughnut or two – so the concentration level has been at a maximum….The pics we’ve generated will be used in BASIC’s café – “Food For Thought”…

Not one food item was consumed in the production of this (wipes cream from chin) #post #sic

One of the cakes in BASICs Café - Food for thought
One of the cakes in BASICs Café – Food for thought – A scrummy Strawberry Tart.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.”

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A Tale of a Biscuit Tin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

In my room, on the top of a cupboard by my writing desk, lives a relatively old biscuit tin.  Its Metallic red in colour and has the main characters of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories on it.


There’s Winnie-the-pooh (or as I like to call him ‘Pooh Bear’), his small friend Piglet, His not so gloomy friend – Eeyore the donkey and his Bouncy friend, Tigger.  The outside rim of the tin has pictures associated with the Hundred Acre Wood where they live in the stories, namely bees and their hives and butterflies.

At the moment – the tin isn’t being used for anything sweet…more to hold the device used to buy something sweet,  Odd stray coppers, and silver coins liberally adorn the gold coloured base of the tin.  At Christmas, the coins will vacate to be used for the next occupants – namely bags of fudge or sweets and later, biscuits – which will be the ones made for the tree itself – made of shortbread and tasting of vanilla honey or chocolate (Pooh Bear would appreciate that a lot)

After Christmas, the biscuits will be long gone – so with the coins away at the bank and the tin lying empty – Honey Cakes will be a perfect replacement (with Easter around the corner), as will the various flavours of fudge which appear around my birthday time.  My Favourite Flavour – Chocolate, but I’ve had everything from Strawberry to Coconut fudge in that tin…and everytime I’ve opened it for a treat there’s always been a little someone pop their head round the kitchen door to see what’s inside it.