Tag: Treasure

  • Hidden Away

    Bury By the line of palm trees Under the golden sands of an island paradise Riches beyond compare lie hidden You might never find them – they’ve been hidden away!

  • Aquamarine


    #Coloryourworld  #CYW #Aquamarine #Sea #Jewel #Birthstone A precious stone – that’s what you are Quite a beauty, like the colour of the sea Until they found you in the rocks A treasure hunter would travel many miles in search of the Mermaids treasure – you couldn’t be seen… A trick of the light ? perhaps […]

  • Fortune (acrostic)

    Fortune For as long as prospectors keep talking Oregon’s wagon trail has attracted people far and wide Round the wild valleys they roam Trekking around the carved out valleys for Unforetold riches from the Horde of Coins Navigating the challenging terrain can be difficult Enjoy your quest – but expect trouble along the gold scattered route.

  • Treasure

    Treasure Taken from merchant ships, by Rascals of the seven seas Every pirate worth their salty sea legs Admires the prize of jewels, silver and gold doubloons Some keep their precious horde hidden Under tropical sands , deserted shores – only Revealed many moons later by a younger Explorer, following the pirates charts and maps